Upcoming Articles

What I’ve played lately: The Witness, Bloodborne, Tales From The Borderlands and Undertale.
Sam and Max: Hit the Road: The review will be up as soon as I can figure out the bizarre item combination needed to make it. Kidding aside this one could take a while, discussing the writing of a game isn’t something I’m used to and the whole thing keeps threatening to become a rant about the entire concept of point and click adventure games.
Gunpoint: At this point I’m genuinely considering reviewing the whole thing in the form of a series of Tom Jones parodies
Feature: At the moment I’m putting together a feature which I’m tentatively calling “The Undiscovered Country”. It will be about the experience of playing a game “blind”, that is without having pored over reviews, previews and analysis which would otherwise spell out what happens in the game. I’m also planning to discuss the rise of games that both the developers and reviewers encourage players not to learn about before playing.
Totally Real Interview with Sam Barlow: This one could take a while to polish.
What I’m playing now:
The Witness, Dark Souls II

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