The Good Stuff (Condensed)

A version of this page already exists, but that post goes on a bit and includes some links to things that I mentioned so I could describe how I might do them differently now, as this blog is very much a learning experience.

These posts were written over a period of a few years, so the writing style and formatting can change quite a bit between posts.

This list was updated in May 2019.

Mini Metro Review

Darth Vader Is No Model Of Perseverance, Palpatine Is The Man. A piece of filler content that grew into one of my favourite things I’ve done here.

Some of my favourite lines

After Vader has told Luke that he is his father and Luke has chosen to let go of the railing and is falling likely to his death: While it is difficult to tell how he feels because of the helmet, Vader’s body language suggests he’s mildly disappointed with this turn of events as you and I would be if we nearly but didn’t stop a glass rolling off a table and smashing. And the glass was empty.

Saying Vader conquered the galaxy is akin to saying saying… “Judas Iscariot used his entrepreneurial nous to get himself thirty pieces of silver, so you get off your ass”

Walken Into Darkness. In which I pitch a Neeson-esque career change for Christopher Walken and won’t stop mentioning Birdman for some reason.

You Won’t Believe (Literally) This Amazing Star Wars Fan Theory. A good post for #numbers.

Eye Moustaches interviews Hideo Kojima. Part one and two. You know, I still can’t believe he agreed to do this very real interview which is not a total work of fiction.

Dr Dark Samus’ Phabulous Phazon Phormula This is effectively my audition for the job of writing (but crucially, not drawing) the jokes that appear on the backpage of games magazines. Click here for a larger version of the main image.

Nintendo Switch Headline Forecast Please hire me to write your strapline puns

The Songs: Psychonauts Hoedown and It’s Not Unusual (To Think Gunpoint’s Rather Fun)

Watchmen With Space Animals: 5 Reasons Star Fox Is Darker Than You Think

Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune Remastered ~ An Objective Review

What I’ve Been Playing (Spring 2016): I’m very happy with how this one turned out. The section on The Phantom Pain is less than half the size of the full review (which I’m still quite pleased with) and arguably better for it.

Fire Emblem Awakening Review

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Review

Games Journalism: Worth It?. This is an important one for me, the issue of harassment is one that I keep going back to whenever I think about finally going all in, posting under my real name and submitting articles to larger outfits.

What Do Review Scores Mean? A Scientific Study

Batman Shouldn’t Be Shown Running (And Other Advice For the Modern Self-Serious Caped Crusader). A daft idea that turned out rather well.