Archive of Nonsense

A collection of articles where I stopped trying (emphasis on trying) to be a semi informative reviewer and just wrote down things that amused me.
Psychonauts Hoedown

It’s Not Unusual To Think Gunpoint‘s Rather Fun

Walken Into Darkness Trailer In which I pitch a Liam Neeson-esque re-branding for Christopher Walken and won’t shut up about Birdman for reasons that now escape me.

This Star Wars thing that was supposed to be a quick bit of filler content but grew and grew to be a real monster of a thing.

You Won’t Believe (Literally) This Amazing Star Wars Fan Theory! Yeah, you like the title, don’t, ya *incoherent but clearly resentful mutterings*

Nintendo Switch Headline Forecast In which I preview all of the Switch based headline puns that we can expect to see but somehow forget The Switcher 3.

My exposé on the hard science of review scores

Eye Moustaches interviews Hideo Kojima. Part one and part two

A Complete Guide To Every Microgame In (The Demo Version Of) WarioWare Gold

The Golden Moustaches Awards 2016 and The Golden Moustaches Awards 2015

Her Story Campaign Speedrun Walkthrough

Ivan explains Next-Gen specs

Watchmen with Space Animals What if, get this, the lore of Nintendo series (in this case Star Fox) didn’t make sense?

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Patch Suggestion

Miister X’s Adventure in [Redacted] part one of three (read at own risk of lack of payoff induced disappointment)

Dr. Dark Samus’ Phabulous Phazon Phormula.

Uncharted Drake’s Fortune Remastered ~ An Objective Review In which I try to pivot to being an Internet Logic Guy

Leaked Agents of Shield Deleted Scene (Season 1 Spoilers)

My experimental “Emergency Filler Content” pieces which are written in the style of someone desperately trying to get some content out to try and milk clicks out of a popular topic, because that’s what they are.
Some Steam Summer Sale Content, A Christmas C(ontent)arol, A No Man’s Sky Post and Another No Man’s Sky Post

Seven (Very Serious) Reasons Why The Nintendo Switch Presentation Was Bad And Not Good

Comedy Time With /RED/ and /GREEN/! Just because they’re omnipotent energy beings whose very existence we couldn’t begin to understand doesn’t mean they can’t have relatable observations about stuff n’ junk.

Behind The Scenes At The Scarecrow’s Arkham Knight Broadcast Centre

The End of Biological Intelligence ~ A Neptune’s Pride Story



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