Eye Moustaches is the work of a catastrophe of a human being that calls itself [redacted]*.

I put together a list of what I considered to be my better posts so that new readers, if they ever do show up, have something to start with. Then, having acknowledged my rampant egomania, trimmed that down to a more manageable list.

My twitter handle is @eyemoustaches, my follower count has been regressing to a very impressive mean of ten for about a year now. Good stuff.

Most of my older stuff is on blogspot for those interested. At the moment my plan is to post short updates there and the actual content here.

You may have noticed that the formatting is a bit inconsistent, especially in terms of what is or isn’t italicised. That’s because I keep adding new rules to my own “style guide” as and when I notice them elsewhere. Apologies for any confusion, should have it nailed down soon.

Creator of the smash hit article (if your definition of a smash is greater than a thousand views) “Five Reasons Star Fox is Darker Than You Think”

* : Some articles are credited to Ivan, this being the result of a half formed idea I had to write some stuff as fictional characters.

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