Some Steam Summer Sale Suggestions

Yay for consumerism!

In just over a day this year’s Steam Summer Sale will be at an end so here’s a list of some of the top bargains I found this year. These are all titles I’ve played, if you’re wondering why, say, Rise of the Tomb Raider isn’t here. Also, the prices are in ascending order and in euros, mes amies.

Psychonauts for €0.99 (-90%)

Double Fine’s debut game and Erik Wolpaw’s first appearance on this list. Everything I have to say about this game I said with music (sort of).

Pony Island for €1.64 (-67%)

I’ve a whole post planned on this, the general gist of it being that Pony Island is essentially an interactive CV or portfolio without any real meaning or message, even though it looks and feels like the sort of game that has that kind of thing. It is nevertheless fun to play though and there’s no denying its inventiveness and creativity, a non-stop procession of moments I’d never or rarely seen in any game before or since.

Gunpoint for €1.75 (-75%)

Gunpoint is an open ended game about infiltrating buildings by hacking their electrical fixtures. I liked it enough to “write” a “song” about it.

Her Story for €1.97 (-67%)

Another game well worth a punt, especially at this asking price, Her Story puts you in the shoes of someone sitting at a computer (quite a leap I know) looking at excerpts of a woman’s interviews with the police. While the mystery is a little ambiguous for my tastes and one of the most common theories strains credibility while the other seems a little silly, it’s a title that really shows what you can do with minimum interactivity but a lot of thought and planning.

Hotline Miami for €2.12 (-75%)


As I’ve discussed beforeHotline Miami hooks you in like nothing else, makes every moment count and lets you experience the feeling of mastering a level multiple times throughout its run time.

Portal Bundle for €2.23 (-93%)

The return of Erik Wolpaw! Is it really a rundown of the best deals on Steam if one of Valve’s games (or in this case, two of them) don’t make an appearance? In any case, Portal, the perfectly honed proof of concept and its expanded sequel (which I actually think is the funnier of the two when you play through them the second time, don’t @ me*) are as good now as they ever were.

*As I’ve made clear in the past, no matter what I say, please do @ me, @ me anytime, @ me about anything. I’m so lonely.

SteamWorld Dig for €2.24 (-75%)

Image & Form’s short and sweet multi-platform hit recently had a gorgeous looking sequel announced, so what better time to dip your toes into the original?


FTL: Faster Than Light for €2.49 (-75%)

It was my favourite game I played in 2015 and I’ve only ever written two paragraphs on it. Really on top of things, that’s me.

Papers, Please for €3.59 (-60%)

Do you see articles about how “games are Art” now and wonder where they’re getting that from? Well then pick up Papers, Please the world’s first “dystopian document thriller” as when you get down to it, this is usually the game they’re talking about.

Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor for €3.99 (-80%)

There’s a sequel to this due out in a couple of months and it is looking gooood. You can read my, very long, review of the original here.

Tales From The Borderlands for €5.74 (-75%)

Have I mentioned that I like Tales From The Borderlands. Probably at some point, right? Arguably Telltale’s finest game, I didn’t want this breezy space adventure to end.

Resident Evil 4 for €6.79 (-66%)

The game that launched a thousand fond retrospectives.

Firewatch for €8.99 (-55%)

Review here.

INSIDE and LIMBO Bundle for €10.79 (-46%)

If these titles are any indication, Danish developers Playdead are apparently as big into capitalisation as they are creating bleak and desolate worlds where every step could spell the doom of their child protagonists. This bundle packages their recent hit INSIDE with their debut title LIMBO, one of the games that kickstarted the mainstream indie scene as we know it, along with…

The Witness and Braid Bundle for €14.79 (-60%)

Johnny B’s famous time bending classic and his most recent maze solving mind melter, together at last.

A few euros cheaper than The Witness on its own.

METAL GEAR SOLID V: The Definitive Experience for €20.09 (-33%)

Not necessarily the best bargain on this list, but despite its flaws, MGSV is a wonderful game. This version packages The Phantom Pain and the prologue Ground Zeroes together, though the latter is available separately for the low low price of €3.99. Slightly controversial, or at the very least confusing, upon release, I’ve been playing through Ground Zeroes myself recently and I really like it. Sure, it’s a shame that some of TPP’s features are absent, but asking you to revisit the same densely packed environment multiple times is a experiment that works well. With each run-through you learn what works, where everything is and begin to see the opportunities for experimentation. As a great man once said “familiarity breeds the mother of invention”.

Here‘s a very nice write up about GZ on Rock, Paper, Shotgun.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Game of the Year Edition for €24.99 (-50%)

I’ve been plugging away at The Witcher 3 since Christmas and I’m still not done. Given the amount of quality content contained within, it’s a steal €50, never mind half that.

Did I say “I”, “my”, “me” etc too much here? Answers on a postcard.


Anyone wanna buy some stickers?


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