It’s Not Unusual (To Think Gunpoint’s Rather Fun)

Gamescom recently finished up so there’s plenty of big gaming news to report on and discuss!



Here’s a Gunpoint themed rewrite of the Tom Jones classic It’s Not Unusual.

For the full effect here are some links to the music. This one is a Glee version so boo-hiss and all that but it’s pretty good. This one’s good too. This version is very nice but it’s a bit different, not the typical style. Once again  this was my idea that no else has ever done before.

“_” means put a slight pause between the syllables in a word

<enjoy awesome opening bit>

It’s not unusual to have achievem’nts with a pun (open door policy)
It’s not unusual to take a job, from anyone
But when you see the client get shot, with a gun
It’s not unusual, to won_der whyyyy
She had to die?


It’s not unusual to switch to the crosslink mode
But when you do you’ll find that it takes a while to load (not true, see below)
If you should ever need to use one switch for many roles
It’s not unusual, it happens every game
Always feels the same
You’ll find the waits take their tolls


The guard’s will often do.
What you want ’em to
But when they don’t then you’re screeeeewwwwwwwed


It’s not unusual to not be seen, by anyone
It’s not unusual to-not-have to kill anyone
And when’s there’s levels with many paths to make it through
It’s not unusual, to find that I’m in love with you ! <at this point in the music video
show picture of  developer Tom Francis>


<say the word “woah” until the very end of time itself>

EDIT: It turns out that the problem where the switching to and from crosslink mode takes a while has either been fixed or, much more likely, was down to the older computer I was playing it on. If you can think of a factually correct replacement for this verse, please, let me know.

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